About TAAL

Our Mission

Promoting scholarship and research in applied linguistics in Thailand and facilitating greater public recognition and understanding of the field


The aims of TAAL are

  1. To develop a research community in applied linguistics in Thailand
  2. To disseminate research in applied linguistics in Thailand
  3. To promote national and international cooperation with related academic associations
  4. To promote applied linguistics research for public recognition and understanding


To achieve the aims of TAAL, the following activities are organized:

  1. A forum for sharing research ideas, research and data about applied linguistics
  2. An annual applied linguistics day to showcase the research outputs of the year (by teachers and postgraduate students)
  3. A central database of researchers and academics in applied linguistics
  4. Systems of research support for teachers and researchers
  5. Support of special issues of existing Thai academic journals
  6. Promotion of applied linguistics research to the general public
  7. Support of national and international research conferences in applied linguistics (e.g. identifying speakers, PR the event)
  8. A network for exchange purposes
  9. Establishment of special interest groups