Conference Program

Information for Presenters

  1. Each presentation will last for 20 minutes, including time for questions. A chair/moderator will oversee time management for both presentations and discussions in each session.
  2. There are no specific requirements for PowerPoint slide formats. You can use any template, including our provided one, which you can download HERE.
  3. Please bring your presentation slides on a thumb drive and transfer them to the presentation room’s laptop.
  4. All presentation rooms are equipped with a projector, microphone, and a laptop.
  5. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session starts, save your presentation files on the laptop, and our assistant will ensure successful uploading in your presentation room.
  6. You are encouraged to use the provided laptops and projectors; using your own equipment might cause issues with subsequent presentations.
  7. Please consider using digital handouts instead of printed materials.

Certificates of participation and presentation

All presenters and participants will be awarded certificates to recognize their presentation and participation. Individuals will receive the certificate download link via email within one week after the conference.