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Stay tuned as our latest contributor, David D. Perrodin, wows us with recollections of his journey in developing as a researcher.
Here is a taste of what you can expect in his monthly blog…

… One of the best decisions of my life was undertaking a doctorate degree in Applied Linguistics. You see I am not the youngest kid on the block (an earlier Generation Xer), and in nearly a decade and a half I have yet to make any significant impact in the world of English Langue Teaching (ELT)!!I knew that if I wanted to make my mark in the ELT world before I was past my prime teaching years, I would need proper training in conducting research. And what better way to receive such training than to pursue an advanced doctorate degree in a major that would assist me in achieving my goal.Join me every month as I share my aspirations, follies, and successes in my journey to becoming a competent researcher. 

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